Angus Grant is a painter and craftsman, based in the Cairngorms National Park. His work is inspired by this beautiful location and the changing light on the landscape. In particular, his paintings feature lochs, mountains and wildlife.

Angus Grant

Angus’s love of fishing is also an important part of his recent collections. He loves to explore the lochs of the Cairngorms and beyond, often finding inspiration instead of fish.

Angus says: “Time spent walking or fishing is never wasted and constantly throws up new ideas and imagery to use in my pictures.”

Angus initially studied art at Central St Martins School of Art, before going on to study jewellery design at Middlesex University, where he specialised in Japanese-style carving and acrylic. He taught Western Jewellery Design at the National Institute of Jewellery Design in Gudgerat, where he also learned about traditional goldsmithing. After university, he worked for jewellery designer Kirt Holmes in London. He returned to the Highlands in the early 2000s to start his own jewellery business.

Angus currently teaches art and design at Grantown Grammar School, tutors the Spey Art Group, and teaches various adult workshops on painting, printmaking, ceramics, jewellery-making and pottery.

His work can be seen and purchased at:

“I’ve always loved painting and drawing. When I was wee, I drew pictures of animals and birds and I’d spend hours copying illustrations from wildlife books. I started landscape paintings during my last years of school when I spent summers working as a farm labourer in Hardanger in Norway. The long days meant I could paint into the early hours of the morning and the dramatic lighting and rugged landscape provided a wealth of inspiration for my early watercolour paintings.

“I enjoy working using a range of media but recently have focused on acrylic painting of landscape and wildlife. The way the light changes here is of great interest to me. When labouring during summer jobs, I would enjoy travelling to work in the morning, driving through Drumullie and looking left to the Cairngorms. They never looked the same from one day to the next. In my paintings, I try and capture something of that fleeting ethereal quality of light.”


August 2019 Into the Cairngorms (with Elizabeth Pirie), Cairngorm Mountain Rescue Team base, Inverdruie.

July 2018 Superfly, Logie Steading, Forres.

July 2017 Lochs and Landscapes (with Campbell Bryson), The Iona Gallery, Kingussie.

July 2016 Beyond Reasonable Trout, Grantown Museum.

2015 Fishing, 1896 Gallery, Boat of Garten.

July 2015 Beneath the Surface,  The Iona Gallery, Kingussie.

Feb 2015 Food on Film, The Iona Galley, Kingussie.

Sept-Oct 2015 Night of the Big Tops, The Old Dentist, 33 Chatsworth Road, London.

2014 Lochs and Light, Grantown Museum.

2013 Sunshine and Shadows (with Campbell Bryson), Grantown Museum.

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