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Avielochan painting, Angus Grant Art

Loch Horizons


Been having lots of fun trying something new. My most recent work is based on some of my favourite local lochs and takes inspiration from railway posters from back in the day.

It’s all about refining the scene to its essential shapes. I’ve been wanting to paint pictures like this since buying Lemon Jelly’s album, Lost Horizons. The cover artwork by Fred Deakin is one of my favourite pictures because of the simple shapes and strong colours.

Still got more lochs to get through so keep checking back.

3 thoughts on “Loch Horizons

  1. Like your work hope to see more

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  3. Love your artwork! Like you, I’m enamored with Lemon Jelly’s “Lost Horizons” artwork and yours is very reminiscent (but original). Very serene – almost surreal.

    Keep up the great work!

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