Thanks to everyone who sent in a Mugshot for my competition last month. I was so impressed with the effort and creativity that went into every photo. There were bridges, rivers and trees; cupcakes, gin and bird tables; and a wealth of wildlife, from rabbits to robins and from dogs to dragonflies. I have loved looking at all of the entries.

But there have to be winners…

First is Mark MacDermot, who took a series of shots of his bullfinch mug around some of the best known landmarks in Edinburgh. I particularly loved this shot of the mug on Calton Hill, with a wonderful city panorama in the background.

Bullfinch mug in Edinburgh by Mark McDermott

Second winner is Dianne Frazer for her fun photo of husband Rod getting licked by their dog Rusty during a coffee break. When looking through the photos there were lots of people putting treats in their mug but full marks to Rod for putting a dog biscuit in his ear!

Rod and Rusty with stag and squirrel mugs by Dianne Frazer

And finally, I know I promised three winners but the standards were so high that I couldn’t pick just one more. I just love these two photos because they both get the animals on the mug in the mugshot.

Daphne Ritchie must have worked so hard to get this wee mouse to creep into the perfect position beside the mug. I love that it’s staring right at the camera.

Mouse with a mouse mug by Daphne Ritchie

And Lucy Tulloch for sharing her coffee with a Highland cow. You can see all the texture on the cow’s nose and its tongue as it tries to take a lick.

Well done to the winners – they each win a £50 voucher for my online shop. I will be in touch with your prizes in the next few days.

And thank you again to everyone who entered. I hope it helped fill a little time during lockdown.

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