This year, one of my aims was to get better at pottery (as I’ve written in a previous blog). The result of this was loads of wee bowls and pots.

This isn’t a real problem – I am known among my family and friends for making gifts for Christmas and birthdays and any other occasion that comes along. To add something extra to my wee pots, I decided to fill them with soy wax and make a candle.

It’s been fun to make candles and the bonus is that the workshop smells amazing! I’m really enjoying picking scents to match my artwork and the glazes.

Now, the idea has snowballed to become a new range – Claypot Candles. And I’m adding candles to my handmade mugs as well!

I especially like that after you’ve burned the candle down, you have a beautiful reusable item – whether it’s a pot for pencils or flowers, or just as a mug for your favourite hot drink.

Claypot Candles are available exclusively at my craft events just now but look out for them on the online shop in the future.

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